Got a tagged fish?


If you get a tagged fish, please send us the tag and the fish. You will get a good kilo price for the fish, in addition to the reward money and lottery tickets, where you participate in an annual lottery for 12,500, - DKK.


Information to be sent along:


  • Tag number
  • Position
  • Fishing Date
  • Name and address of the transmitter
  • Ship


If it is not possible to come to the Faroe Marine Research Institute with the fish, then ring us on telephone +298 35 39 00 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we will find a way. Another possibility is to deliver the tagged fish to your nearest Fishery Research Institute.


Tagged fish species
In recent years, the Faroe Marine Research Institute has tagged cod, monkfish, Greenland halibut and Atlantic halibut.


Types of tags
There are several types of tags, but the most common is an orange "Spagetti" tag. This tag is shot into the back of the fish and is located on the outside of the fish.


Data storage tags are implanted, either into the back (monkfish) or into the abdominal cavity (cod). In both cases, the tag is inside the fish, and a yellow thread sticks out of the fish.