The Faroe Marine Research Institute


The purpose of the Faroe Marine Research Institute (FAMRI) is to make studies of the Faroese marine environment and its living resources, and to inform and advise the Faroese authorities and public about these conditions.


Each year FAMRI informs the Faroese government about the state of fish stocks in Faroese waters and other waters outside that Faroese fishing vessels use and provides scientific advice and assessments according to the law on commercial fishing. For this purpose, FAMRI performs annual fisheries surveys with the research vessel "Jákup Sverri" and chartered vessels, in addition to analysing catches from commercial fishing vessels.


Regular surveys of the marine environment are made each year. They highlight the changes from one year to another and help us to understand the changes in the living resources. The studies are necessary for a sustainable exploitation.


FAMRI carries out a number of experimental fishery projects each year. The Institute also participates in Nordic and international projects in fisheries and marine science of various kinds, and has undertaken several studies of the Faroese environment and fisheries in Faroese waters in the context of an upcoming oil industry.


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