Name: R/S Jákup Sverri

Registration territory: Tórshavn, XPZO

Building location and year: MEST, Tórshavn, 2020

Kind of ship: Research vessel

Length: (LOA): 54.1 m

BRT: 1815

Main engine: Wärtsilä

Power system: 2400 kW

Service speed: 11 knots

Max No. Scientific Berths: 12


Technical Details  

Trawl: Bottom and pelagic trawl

Laboratory Facilities: 2 dry labs and 2 wet labs.
System for sorting, weighing and length measurement and automatic registration of fish catches. Freezing capacity.

CTD/Plankton sampling: Seabird CTD equipped with rosette sampler, 1.7 and 5 L Niskin bottles, fluorometer, oxygen and PAR sensor. 3000m cable.
Plankton: Multinet, Bongo-net, MIK net, Gulf-net, WP2 and Chelsea FastOcean APD system.
Underway termosalinograph, Optical plankton recorder (Flow Cam) and nutrient sensor (SUNA V2).

Multi-Beam(s)/ Sub Bottom profiling: Simrad EM712 multibeam, TOPAS PS18.

Fisheries Echo Sounders/Sonar: EK-80 multifreq. (6 freq. from 18 to 333 kHz), EM70 multibeam, Simrad Sonars SU90 & SC90, Ocean Surveyor (75 kHz).

USBL: Kongsberg HiPAP.

Coring/Sampling Capabilities: Coring winch 4500m. Various grabs.

Winches: 2x 30t Trawl winches, 3000m x 28mm wire , CTD winch 3000m x 8.18mm coax wire, WP2 winch 300m x 6mm, winch 3000 x 8.18mm coax wire (Drop Camera, Gulf Multinet).

Communications: Inmarsat C, GSM, Internet satellite connection.

Suitable for: Suitable for carrying out a variety of scientific operations in offshore and shelf locations. Pelagic and demersal trawling, hydrographic and plankton surveys, mooring deployment and benthic surveys. Room for 3 x 20’ containers and power supply appr. 400KVA on trawl deck, for special equipment.